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Bootstraps Lifeskills is all about self-directed wellness techniques. We have programs for individuals, families and corporations. Our programs focus towards individuals learning skills and techniques to use throughout their lives. We have an appreciation for the pain and the difficulties people experience in life and how frustrated they can become from not having information to quickly and effectively change their lives. Please read on and feel welcome to approach us through the ‘contact us’ icon.

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Sharon Villars is the founder of Bootstraps Lifeskills. Sharon is a professional Business, Career and Life Coach, a Practitioner and Training Program Designer. Driven by her personal values, she has a genuine compassion for all people who suffer from the stresses and anxieties of modern life.  She is willing to share the skills she has mastered to overcome roadblocks and forge through the tough times that can accompany a very busy life. To maintain this high level of coaching and creativity she is consistently expanding her education in human behaviour, physiology studies, whole business systems, and life logistics.

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Does everything feel more difficult than it should?

Has your life lost its excitement in any of these areas?

In your Marriage

You’ve become disenchanted. You’re worried that your marriage is over – or close to over. You’re either fighting or not talking at all. You don’t want to separate – and you’re tired of trying so hard.

With your Children

You’re worried that you’re not being a good parent. You’re frustrated trying to communicate with your children. Some days you just feel like giving up. What happened to the joy?

In your Friendships

You’ve always been there for them – and now they’re not there for you. You’re disappointed with the lack of help and support. Or maybe you’ve been the one who is withdrawing and not keeping up the relationship.

At Work

Work is the bright spot in your life. You’re successful. Even if you feel overwhelmed by so much to do, you’d rather be there. (Or do you?) Home isn’t such a fun place to come to anymore.

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Before my personal coaching with Sharon I felt desperate and without any energy to keep going. I was scared…I couldn't imagine how my family would work if I failed. Sharon helped me find hope and trust again. She taught me how to relax and leave negative energy behind. I started to trust myself more. I encourage anyone sitting on the fence that would benefit by Sharon's coaching, to meet with her. I did it and I am grateful to her for teaching me how to handle " fear of failure".
~GM, Radiologist

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Fifty Shades of the Blues Invitation to Register 2015 02 21



Emotional Resilience Webinar

Scared Of The Next Anxiety Wave?

Tired Of Living With Anxiousness?

It is time to get the skills and practice the techniques to end this painful cycle.

·         3 Sessions to Learn How to Transform Anxiety and Get Peace of Mind.

·         No Long Involved Process to Expose Your Pain.

·         Learn Powerful Transformational Techniques in a Small Group Setting.

Email Villars@telus.net to get registered.

3 – 3 ½ Hour Sessions       $499.00

Visa and MasterCard Accepted               May Sessions are Booking Now.

“Sharon Villars has an unusual quick insight into the heart of a problem and creativity in problem solving: a patient, caring attitude toward everyone balanced by a sense of fairness and a view of the long-term consequences of any action: respect for others ’right to self determination’.”  L.V.


Wellness Skill-Training in the Workplace 1

Emotional Fitness

The Corporate Program

Wellness Skill-Training in the Workplace 2

Lunch and Learn

Structuring Well Being:Living with Anxiety and Stress


The seminar series

Company Philosophy

Only you can pull up your own bootstraps

From the old adage of the British military that defines there are some things only you can do for yourself.

No one else can do that last little tug to pull on your boots, no matter what your rank or status; only you can pull up your own bootstraps . If you do not perform that specific task then your boots don t go on.

As with the each of the skills my company teaches individuals, no one else can execute these specific skills for you; whether you are a captain of industry, a successful community leader, the most talented teen or a professional sports hero. There are some things only we can do for ourselves. These skills are brilliant. They are natural. And life changing. And only you can do them for yourself. It is my personal belief the masses of humanity are not as happy and living life as they could be. I believe and witness with the skills I commit to teaching my clients, when used, have my clients be able to consistently resource a level of success, a happiness and a joy in life they have not known before.
  ~ Sharon M. Villars, Founder, Bootstraps Lifeskills. est. 1991



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